Day One
Date  6.12.2018
Event Time Venue
Onward Registration 12.00 PM KVK Lawn


Day Two
Date  07.12.2018
Event Time Venue
Registration 8.00-10.00 AM KVK Lawn
Cultural Procession 09.30-10.30 AM YCMOU Campus
Cultural Programme 10.30-11.00 AM Dadasaheb Phalke Hall
Inauguration 11.00-1.00 PM Dadasaheb Phalke Hall
Meeting of Managers 1.30-2.30 PM Yash-Inn Meeting Hall
Lunch Time   1.30-2.30 PM
Folk Orchestra 7.00-10.30 PM Dadasaheb Phalke Hall
Quiz (Written) 7.00-8.00 PM Yash-Inn Meeting Hall
Dinner Time  7.30-9.30 PM


Day Three
Date  08.12.2018
Event Time Venue
Debate 10.00-12.00 AM Yash-Inn Meeting Hall
Lunch Time  1.30 TO 2.30 PM
Classical Instrumental Solo Percussion (Tal Vadya) 2.00-5.30 PM Academic Building Hall
Quiz (Final) 12.00-2.00 PM Yash-Inn Meeting Hall
Collage 1.00-3.30 PM Library Building
Cartooning 3.30-6.00 PM Library Building
One Act Play 3.30-9.30 PM Dadasaheb Phalke Hall
Dinner Time  7.30-9.30 PM


Day Four
Date 9.12.2018
Event Time Venue
Elocution 10.00-1.30 PM Yash-Inn Meeting Hall
Classical Dance 9.00-1.00 PM Dadasaheb Phalke Hall
Mime 1.00-3.30 PM Dadasaheb Phalke Hall
Lunch Time  1.30-2.30 PM
Poster Making 10.00-12.30 PM Library Building
Clay Modeling 1.00-3.30 PM Library Building
Western Vocal Solo 1 PM to 3 PM Academic Building Hall
Classical Instrumental Solo Non-Percussion(Swar Vadya) 3 PM ONWARDS Academic Building Hall
Group Song (Western) 10 AM to 12 PM Academic Building Hall
Classical Solo(Hindustani) 6.00-9.30 PM Academic Building Hall
One Act Play 3.30-9.30 PM Dadasaheb Phalke Hall
Dinner Time  7.30-9.30 PM


Day Five
Date 10.12.2018
Event Time Venue
Group Song (Indian) 9.00-1.00 PM Academic Building Hall
Mimicry 9.30-11.30 AM Dadasaheb Phalke Hall
Skit 10.00-3.00 PM Dadasaheb Phalke Hall
On the spot Painting 1.30-4.00PM Library Building
Lunch Time  1.30-2.30 PM
Spot Photography 10.00-12.30 PM Library Building
Rangoli 10.00-12.30 Library Building
Light Vocol Solo (Indian) 2.00-5.00 PM Academic Building Hall
Folk Dance 3.30-7.30 PM Dadasaheb Phalke Hall
Dinner Time  7.30-9.30 PM


Day Six
Date 11.12.2018
Event Time Venue
Valedictory Function 11.00 AM Dadasaheb Phalke Hall
Lunch Time     1.30-2.30 PM